ArchTech - Designer Gates, Balustrades & Fencing

balustradesBalustrades. Balustrading products come in a wide array of colours and materials. From tubular aluminium to frameless glass. ArchTech has hundreds of combinations to choose from.

Gates. Our Gate products are quite diversified: swing gates, pedestrian gates, motorized, automated and sliding gates. Nothing will enhance the sense of making an entrance to your property like a distinguished gate. balustrades

Screens. Privacy screens and shade screens are the very items for keeping the sun, rain and your privacy under control. Keep the elements out and your privacy in.

Powder Coating. Powder coating is the ideal way to protect your ArchTech invesment.The benefits of powder coating vastly reduce ongoing maintenance costs:


Accessories. ArchTech can also supply you with a range of accessories such as custom spears and lacing inserts to add final touches to your project.

Remove & Replace. The product image gallery can best show you the Remove & Replace service. You see some 'before and after' shots that are great for gauging how well an ArchTech installment can improve appearences solo.

Featured Products

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